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The Well is our commitment to the future of health care. 

In this time of information overabundance, much of which is inaccurate, unhelpful or even difficult to understand, Northwell Health is on a mission to make a difference as an honest, trusted and caring partner. We’re connecting with consumers to provide them with personalized content that reduces their stress, makes them laugh and ultimately feel more confident and capable on their healthcare journey.

Photo credit: Kate Sudar/The Well

Who Are We?

We are a fact-based health and wellness website that provides information, support, a good laugh and the ability to learn from and become part of a community who want to take charge of their health and feel empowered to make healthcare decisions.

Why Us?

We are a trusted resource with the might of a world class health system behind us—our users have access to all of Northwell Health’s expertise and insight at their fingertips. Through every stage, at every age, we are here for consumers during major (and minor) life events.

How Do We Do It?

Our pieces serve as an in-depth exploration of topical issues with the goal of educating and informing, touching upon commonalities to bring people together, sharing experiences, and offering tips and strategies to put into action.

What About You?

You are an important part of this community. We want to talk to you. And we want you to talk to each other. Connecting with others about the things that matter most is what life is about. Let us help facilitate the conversation.